Get familiar with the Reputation Portal


If your organization owns at least one ASN then you can register for an account.

  • Go to the Reputation Portal
  • Enter your details. When you are asked for a Company domain enter the domain name of the network you wish to view and manage. The Notification email address is the address you want reputation reports and updates sent to.
  • Check your inbox for an email from Spamhaus, and use the link to verify your email address.
  • Set up a password for your account and log in.

Please note that it can take up to 48 working hours for your IPs and reputation data to populate.

How to use the Portal

The portal gives you visibility as to what IP addresses are listed in the Spamhaus blocklists/datasets, the information on why the listing has occurred, and how to resolve the issue and request removal. Additionally, you can sign up for listing notifications, via email or API allowing you to pro-actively deal with issues.

Dashboard – This provides you with an overview of your network including:

  • How many ranges you have, and your total number of IPs.
  • How many records you have listed in our datasets.
  • Quick reference tables including the most abused /24s on your network.

CIDR/Network ranges with listing overview – This area lists all your ranges by /24 and details the number of records you have on the following datasets:

  • Spamhaus Blocklist (SBL)
  • Exploits Blocklist (XBL)
  • CSS Blocklist (CSS)
  • Botnet Controller List (BCL)

You can sort all visible fields and view them by the number of records or percentage.

/24 Heatmap

This displays individual IP addresses in a /24 and highlights the datasets they appear on. From here, you can click on the single IP to view the listing detail and request removal.

Listing information – this details all the different datasets the IP address appears on. Where you are listed on more than one dataset, you will need to address the initial listing before you can request removal from subsequent ones.

NOTE: When you request removal, please ensure that you have resolved the issue that caused the listing to occur in the first place.

Ticket Center – View all your removal requests and their status.

Reporting preferences – choose how you receive your reputation updates via email every 24 hours or via API, which is updated hourly.