Healthcare providers are facing an increasing number of cyber attacks in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. To help combat malicious threats including malware, phishing and ransomware we are offering Healthcare providers free access to our DNS Firewall Threat Feeds until the end of this year. To help Healthcare providers during these critical times, we are offering free access to our DNS Firewall services until the end of 2020.

What additional protection can DNS Firewall provide?

Both of our DNS Firewall services block malicious activity by preventing DNS requests from resolving to malicious domains and IP addresses by querying selected datasets. This provides users with automatic mitigation against threats including: phishing, malware, ransomware and botnet C&Cs.

The additional layer of protection at the DNS level gives Security and IT teams the ability to save on valuable resources, and focus on other urgent matters.

What DNS Firewall service can you use?

  • I manage my own DNS servers – utilize our DNS Firewall threat feeds which can be integrated into your existing DNS infrastructure. e.g. BIND & PowerDNS
  • I don’t manage my own DNS servers – our DNS Firewall managed service allows you to point your DNS to our recursive servers

How to apply for this free service:

Simply click here and complete the form. Please remember to include in the comments section that you are interested in our free DNS service for Healthcare providers.

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