Three months free data access for Cyren customers – no strings attached

3 February 2023


To take immediate pressure off affected Cyren customers and provide the gift of time to make informed decisions, our data will be offered for free, for 3 months. No strings attached.

When it comes to your web domains, put the controls back in your hands

29 March 2023


Choosing a domain name registrar may seem simple, but considering security risks in the domain and DNS ecosystem is crucial. In this blog post, Vincent D'Angelo, Global Director at CSC, shares insight into the role of domain registrars in domain ecosystem security and reputation.

Understanding top-level domain (TLD) abuse helps illuminate and predict domain threat trends

23 March 2023


The Domain Name System (DNS) is the backbone of the internet, enabling agile communication between internet entities. This blog post will focus on top-level domains (TLD), and how they can impact the security landscape.

Know How Series | Domain Reputation

12 March 2023

Best practice

Reputation gives us a parameter for if, when, and how we engage with a domain. But what really is it, who's using this threat insight, and how does it impact you?

Best practice for owners of a newly registered domain: PART 3

11 March 2023

Best practice

Nurture your new domain and successfully build its reputation to ensure it’s an asset for the long term, not just the next 10 minutes. Learn how in this best practice.

Second beta release of domain reputation via API – increased actionable data

10 March 2023

Blog News

Beta users tested. They provided feedback. Our product development team listened and then moved heaven and earth to produce a much-improved API.

UPDATE – Informational Listings in the Spamhaus Blocklist

24 February 2023


Spamhaus Project's informational listings have received a lot of attention recently, including some helpful of feedback - namely, the intelligence is helpful but it creates too much "noise" in the SBL. So the Project Team will be making changes in the near future.

Best practice for newly registered domains: PART 2 – Key considerations for purchasing

14 February 2023

Best practice

if you're confident you must buy a new domain, here are some key considerations to make before and immediately after the domain purchase.

Best practice for newly registered domains: PART 1 – Ask yourself a question

14 February 2023

Best practice

The first in the series for new domain owner - starting at the beginning of the decision making process. Do you really need a new domain?

A treasure trove of data: using domain reputation in practice

14 February 2023


Domain data is rich with insight with such a variety of ways to take advantage of the data. In this blog, we introduce how it is used by defenders, network administrators, email administrators, and email senders.