Welcome to the Spamhaus Developer License

23 March 2021


We’re aware that it can take time to find the right use case and build the right application to meet its needs. So, we’ve created a license to give developers access to the data without the 30-day time limit attached to a trial. The developer license runs for six-month periods.

Discover the possibilities with Spamhaus Intelligence API [beta]

2 December 2020


This API provides security developers with easy access to metadata relating to IP addresses that are showing signs of compromise. This data provides scores of opportunities for use across security applications, programs and services.

PRESS RELEASE | Spamhaus announces release of free Intelligence API for security developers

2 December 2020


Today, Spamhaus Technology Ltd, the trusted authority on IP and domain reputation, releases its Intelligence API [BETA]. This is the first time Spamhaus has released its extensive threat intelligence via API, providing enriched data relating to IP addresses exhibiting compromised behavior.

Know How Series | DNS Blocklists

19 November 2020

Blog Event Video

Expand your expertise with our Know How series, aimed at filling in knowledge-gaps & helping you maximize the benefits from DNS Blocklists.

DNS Blocklist Basics

11 November 2020


DNS blocklists should be your first line of defense against spam and other email-borne theats. Here is an intro to some DNSBL fundamentals.

Top 10 tips (+1) for running your own mail server

11 November 2020


Here are 11 ways to help email administrators make running their own email infrastructure a success.

Six advantages to running your own email server

11 November 2020


Running your own mail server isn't for everyone. However there are advantages to be gained from brining email in-house.

KNOW HOW WEBINAR | DNS Blocklist Basics

10 November 2020


Spamhaus Know How | Join the experts on this webinar where they will step you through the fundamentals of DNS Blocklists and email filtering.

UOL’s IT team gain huge efficiencies using Spamhaus’ Data Query Service

6 October 2020

Case Study

Data Query Service enables email provider, Universo Online (UOL) to protect millions of users from spam and other malicious email threats while freeing-up 20% of the team’s time resources.

Where to apply Spamhaus blocklists for effective email filtering

29 September 2020


Spamhaus produces many different DNSBLs (blocklists).  The question is which ones to apply where? This simple guide provides you with all the information you need.