Spamhaus Botnet Threat Update, Q3 2021

14 October 2021


Q3 has seen a massive 82% rise in the number of new botnet command and controllers (C&Cs) identified by our research team. They have observed an explosion in the use of backdoor malware with nefarious operators hiding behind FastFlux.

Welcome to the Spamhaus Developer License

23 March 2021


We're aware that it can take time to find the right use case and build the right application to meet its needs. So, we've created a license to give developers access to the data without the 30-day time limit attached to a trial. The developer license runs for six-month periods.

Red Sift increases customers’ insight and productivity with Spamhaus Intelligence API

23 March 2021

Case Study

Global cybersecurity software company, Red Sift, use the Spamhaus Intelligence API to free up time for their customers while providing important insight on why an IP is blocked.

KNOW HOW WEBINAR | Advanced Email Filtering with DNS Blocklists

1 March 2021

Best Practice Video

Watch this on-demand webinar as our experts step you through the fundamentals of email filtering with DNSBLs - what to apply, where and why.

eBook | Getting the most from email filtering

1 March 2021

Best Practice eBook

All our DNS blocklist best practices wrapped into this eBook with a refresher on the source code of malicious emails and some DNSBL myth busting. Get it all in here.

Know How Series | Email Filtering

3 February 2021

Blog Event Video

Expand your expertise with our Know How series, aimed at filling in knowledge-gaps & helping you maximize the benefits from DNS Blocklists.

Busting Blocklist Myths

29 January 2021


There are various comments bandied about with some regularity relating to Domain Name System Blocklists (DNSBLs). So, we thought it was about time to provide some truths when it comes to blocklists and dispel these myths.

BEST PRACTICE | DNSBLs and email filtering – how to get it right

27 January 2021

Best Practice

There are multiple benefits to using blocklists, reducing infrastructure costs, and workforce hours to increasing catch rates. However, to get the most from DNSBLs, it's vital to use them at the right points in your email filtering process.

Email provider, freenet, increase protection by bringing spam management in-house

20 January 2021

Case Study

German email provider, freenet, bring their spam management in-house to increase visibility, control and ultimately protection using Spamhaus' IP blocklists.

PRESS RELEASE | Spamhaus announces release of free Intelligence API for security developers

2 December 2020


Today, Spamhaus Technology Ltd, the trusted authority on IP and domain reputation, releases its Intelligence API [BETA]. This is the first time Spamhaus has released its extensive threat intelligence via API, providing enriched data relating to IP addresses exhibiting compromised behavior.