Utilize abuse.ch’s data exposing malicious URLs with Spamhaus Intelligence API

6 June 2024


From today, abuse.ch’s URLhaus data is available as a beta version for Spamhaus Intelligence API (SIA) users, and Developer License users - learn more in this blog post.

Monthly Malware Digest, December 2023

9 January 2024


This month URLHaus experienced a surge in new malware sites hosted across the APAC region, including China (360%), Singapore (265%) and Taiwan (103%). Whilst new entrant Sock5Systemz is #1 for samples shared - find out more in December's malware report.

Are you ready for the email authentication revolution?

19 December 2023


Matthew Vernhout, NetCore Cloud's VP, Deliverability (ENSA), explains how new email authentication changes spearheaded by Yahoo and Gmail will impact your email strategy and what you can do to take proactive measures.

WHOIS: identification or correlation?

7 December 2023


Recently, WHOIS data was used to uncover a large cluster of domains used for a fake URL-shortener scheme and a massive SMS phishing operation, known as Prolific Puma. Spamhaus Technology's Head of Data Carel Bitter explores why this case is particularly interesting and the role of WHOIS data in identification and correlation.

Monthly Malware Digest, November 2023

5 December 2023


This month saw an increase in active malware distribution sites across Central Europe. New October entrant ShadowPad dominated the ThreatFox Top 15s with a +459.82% increase. Meanwhile, YARAify scanned over 8 million distinct files! Read the full report here.

What is an email sunset policy and why do you need one?

29 November 2023


A sunset policy is an essential component of any successful email program. Find out why a sunset policy is essential and what you need to do to effectively implement one.

Censornet achieves exceptional email security with Spamhaus’ Enhanced Protection

8 November 2023

Case Study

Discover how Censornet AI security platform integrates Spamhaus’ real time blocklists with two-way sharing of basic email connection data, to provide 'exceptional' email protection for its users.

Monthly Malware Digest, October 2023

3 November 2023


October saw increases across 12 geolocations hosting new malware sites, most significantly India (181.82%) but the US remains at number one. Meanwhile, Cobalt Strike was associated with the largest number of IOCs. Read the full report here.

Unravelling the myths of spamtraps clicking links

1 November 2023


Unravel the myths of spamtraps clicking links and learn how to leverage these metrics to better understand your deliverability problems.

Spamhaus Quarterly Domain Reputation Update, Q3 2023

16 October 2023


Despite +178% growth in the gTLD .bond, the number of new domain registrations remained unchanged. In Q3, there were 554,582 detections (-23%) and compromised malware dropped from 11,003 in Q2, to 1,220 in Q3. Could this be the result of the Qakbot takedown? Read the full report here.