"Our brand is being damaged by spoofed domains."

Using Passive DNS you can easily look up homographs and utilize the fuzzy search feature against your domain and brand name to gain visibility into spoofed domains.

"We need to rapidly investigate criminal activity associated with our network."

Passive DNS enables you to quickly pivot to new areas of concern from a single entity e.g. IP address, domain name, or nameserver.

"There is a lack of visibility across our network in relation to what internet infrastructure is related to our business domains and IP addresses."

Search for host names and associated IP addresses using Passive DNS to shine a wider light on what may have potential to cause damage to your business.

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Spamhaus Intelligence API (SIA)

This API provides access to multiple datasets containing metadata relating to compromised IP addresses. These IP addresses may be exhibiting compromised behavior, including malware, worm, and trojan infections, and SMTP-specific traffic emitting spam, or cybercriminals are using them to control infected computers – botnet command & controllers.

The breadth of data available via an easily consumable API provides security developers with scores of opportunities.

  • Save valuable time investigating and reporting
  • Simple and quick to access
  • Data you can trust in

Passive DNS

Our Passive DNS allows you to quickly and easily navigate through billions of DNS records to shine a spotlight on potentially malicious internet resources associated with your network or domain.

  • Reduce investigation times
  • Enrich data sources
  • Protect customers and end-users