Our Solutions

Email Protection

Spam causing performance issues? Worried about rising costs from multiple email filtering licenses? Spamhaus' blocklists are an effective and economic solution.

Network Protection

Compromised by ransomware? Concerned about botnet threats? Utilizing datasets at the DNS level and network edge provides automatic protection without the need for additional hardware.

User Protection

Worried about users clicking on phishing emails and downloading malware? Users receiving business-compromising emails? Using our datasets throughout your infrastructure will protect your users.


Need to identify phishing domains? Want deeper insights on compromised internet infrastructures? Drawing on Passive DNS and extended datasets, available via API, will provide rapid answers.

About Spamhaus Technology

Spamhaus is the trusted authority on IP and domain reputation data, with over two decades of experience. This experience, the quality and accuracy of data, alongside our robust infrastructure, is what sets us apart.

Our data protects and provides insight across networks and email worldwide. Spamhaus’ datasets are used by leading global technology companies, internet service providers and hosting companies, among others. We currently protect over 4.5 mailboxes daily.

Threat Intelligence

Spamhaus’ threat intelligence data sets are plugged directly into your existing infrastructure. This saves on additional hardware costs. They update in real time, protecting your email systems, networks, and users from the latest threats. You can also investigate incidents and compromised internet infrastructure utilizing our data. Our highly experienced team of researchers work on your behalf to detect threats from spam, malware, ransomware, botnets and phishing threats.