Passive DNS adds value to multiple roles, including Brand Protection Specialists. You can utilise Passive DNS to highlight shadow domains, or typo squatting and identify who is masquerading as your company, brand or trademark and potentially hurting your customers and damaging your brand.

  • Search the Passive DNS database for domain names that contain the whole name of your company, or a specific key word.
  • Pinpoint malicious domains and easily view their IP address.
  • Search this IP address to uncover any further domains this address that may have been connected with historically.
  • For additional intelligence subscribe to our real-time zero reputation domain zone (ZRD), and view all domains which have been registered within the past 24 hours (which have a higher likelihood of being used for fraud).

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Passive DNS

Our Passive DNS allows you to quickly and easily navigate through billions of DNS records to shine a spotlight on potentially malicious internet resources associated with your network or domain.

  • Reduce investigation times
  • Protect your online brand
  • Protect customers and end-users


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