Further details on the Domain Reputation Dataset

What data is listed?

Every domain observed and analyzed by our researchers is listed in this dataset. Via the API, metadata relating to each domain is provided, including:

  • Reputation
    • Great
    • Good
    • Neutral
    • Bad
    • Malicious
  • Registrar
  • Date created
  • First seen timestamp
  • Last seen timestamp
  • IPs of email senders
  • Reputation changes over time
  • Nameserver history and reputation
  • Threat type

Benefits of using the data

  1. Insight

    Multiple data points enable you to build a detailed picture of the domain queried.

  2. Breadth

    Includes live and historical data relating to ALL domains Spamhaus researchers observe.

  3. Control

    API access makes the data easily consumable across multiple applications without the requirement to download the entire data set.

  4. Real time

    Domains are included in this dataset as soon as researchers detect them.