Technology service providers and enterprises in Japan / Asia Pacific will have faster, easier access to global cyber threat intelligence thanks to a new partnership between Tokyo-based PIPELINE Security and Spamhaus Technology.

PIPELINE Security brings local delivery and support along with an in-depth understanding of the Japanese market which is long associated with precision and excellence, demanding a deep level of metrics and visibility.

Spamhaus Technology provides the email and network security intelligence developed by The Spamhaus Project, a trusted third party currently protecting three billion user mailboxes, blocking the vast majority of spam and malware sent on the Internet.

Spamhaus and PIPELINE are positioned to help Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Email Service Providers (ESPs) and enterprises defend themselves from spam, malware, botnets and other online threats.

Simon Forster, CEO of Spamhaus Technology commented: “The move is designed to strengthen the Asia Pacific region against cyber attacks and broaden Spamhaus’ presence in Asian markets. With Pipeline Security we have an excellent partner to bring to new customers the threat intelligence that has been protecting our users for the past 20 years.”

Allan Watanabe, Managing Director of PIPELINE Security commented: “Cyber attacks are rapidly evolving and businesses are struggling to stay ahead of the cyber criminals. It is critical for businesses to utilize a threat intelligence strategy to transition from a reactive security to proactive security model. We are looking forward to providing Spamhaus’ Real Time Threat Intelligence to help secure our customers in Asia Pacific and Japan.

About PIPELINE Security

PIPELINE is providing threat intelligence and security consulting services to top tier businesses in Japan. Our team of global cyber security experts are continuously striving to raise and improve information security in Japan by offering solutions based on global standards and best practices. PIPELINE Security provides services for mission critical and information security systems at major Japanese banks, telecommunications, ISP’s, and large enterprises.

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The service has never failed and utilizes the longest established DNSBLs in the industry.

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