We’re delighted to announce our partnership with MDaemon Technologies – a leading email solutions provider for small-medium sized businesses. This integration of Spamhaus’ real time threat intelligence adds an additional layer of security to MDaemon® Email Server to protect users from over 99% of email-borne threats.

Simple, secure email

Gain control, privacy, and security through MDaemon® Email Server. Having developed email software for over 25 years, MDaemon enables businesses worldwide to easily manage and maintain secure email communication with a trusted email service.

To ensure the highest level of protection, and to stay ahead of emerging email security threats, MDaemon Technologies’ products are continually releasing new features. In the most recent product update of MDaemon® Email Server, Spamhaus’ reputation data service is available to increase email security.

This integration will also be added to SecurityGateway™ for Email Servers product in a release update later this year to provide customers using other mail servers the same layers of protection.

Enhanced MDaemon® Email Server

Spamhaus’ real time DNS blocklists (DNSBLs) can now be immediately utilized by enabling the service via MDaemon’s administration console. Consisting of continuously updated IP, Domain & Hash data, the DNSBLs are made available using Spamhaus’ Data Query Service (DQS).

Every day, 13 billion SMTP connections, 3 million domains, and 18 thousand malware samples are analysed to safeguard against malware, phishing, botnets, spam, and more. The result? Efficient, robust, and cost-effective email protection – “This [Hash Blocklist] is a game-changer. It’s the biggest single effectiveness improvement we’ve had in 10+ years “, Manager, Global Cybersecurity Software Provider.

An additional layer of protection

Using MDaemon’s pre-configured Spamhaus settings, users can block more than 99% of spam and other email-borne threats with immediate effect. As soon as a malicious resource is identified, users are protected.

Yet, the real wins are surrounding risk. With the additional layers of protection, the risk of users opening malicious email is significantly minimized – cleaner inboxes, fewer security incidents, and reduced spam complaints.

Take back time to focus on networking tasks and maintain business operations. As shared by Tara Natanson, Manager of ISP Relations, Constant Contact, “There are a lot of blocklists out there but the only one that’s ever been super trustworthy has been Spamhaus.”

How the integration works

Effective security takes a layered approach. With MDaemon’s solution, DQS is checked during the spam filter processing, along with all the other spam filter rules. When a DQS rule matches, points are added to the overall spam score.  MDaemon allows 2 thresholds to be configured. The first flags a message as spam, the second rejects the message during the SMTP processing.

The IP address is assessed first at SMTP connect, to get rid of most of the junk messages. When an email is blocked, the sender will immediately receive a notification, ensuring that emails do not lie unread in junk folders for weeks. Anything not blocked can then be filtered by content, which is checked against our domain and hash data.

This staged email filtering process is considered best practice:

  1. Remove obvious spam sent from known botnets and spammers’ IP addresses.
  2. Detailed analysis to identify emails containing malware or links to new websites that are controlled by spammers and cybercriminals.

Using MDaemon’s integration of Spamhaus’ data, users can add another layer of email filtering, gaining an immediate layer of protection with greater control, without any configuration requirements.

How to access best practice email filtering

Any MDaemon Email Server customer can take advantage of this new product feature. Set up takes minutes with activation via MDaemon’s Remote Administration settings. To get access to a free 30 trial, sign up here: https://info.spamhaus.com/mdaemon-dqs-trial-sign-up.

Strength through partnership

MDaemon offers customers unique control and privacy with its Email Server and email security products. Spamhaus provides industry-leading IP and domain threat intelligence data. Together, you gain immediate, trusted, and cost-effective protection.

Needless to say, we are thrilled to be partnered with the MDaemon team. Arron Caruth, VP Product Development at MDaemon Technologies shared:

We are constantly reviewing complimentary technologies that will enhance the security of our software. We have been working with Spamhaus for years, and the integration of Its Data Query Service will help us continue to give our customers access to leading email security solutions.”

For more information about the integration, see here: https://www.spamhaus.com/product/protect-email-with-spamhaus-and-mdaemon-technologies/. Alternatively, if you’re already using MDaemon Email Server or would like to learn more, you can contact MDaemon directly at https://mdaemon.com/pages/contact-us.

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