Our focus is simple; to protect the internet and its users from malicious activity.

With over two decades experience, we do this by providing best in class threat intelligence datasets. These datasets protect email systems and networks, as well as enabling users to investigate incidents more quickly.

The most experienced researchers and developers are handpicked from across the globe, ensuring that the best threat hunters in the industry are working on your behalf.

Our blocklists and datasets are delivered in real time, ensuring you are protected from threats as soon as the researchers have observed and listed them.

Photo of the Spamhaus Team members.
The Spamhaus Team

Why choose Spamhaus?


With over 2 decades of experience, we understand the rapidly changing threat landscape.

Data Focused

Our data plugs into your existing infrastructure, so you incur no additional hardware or license costs.

Dedicated Researchers

You will have a team of highly experienced researchers working on your behalf 24/7.

Robust Infrastructure

Over 80 commercial servers across the globe provide a reliable service with low latency.


Data is drawn from multiple sources worldwide, and listing policies are compiled by working together with the industry.


Leading global technology companies trust our data. We are currently protecting over 3 billion mailboxes.

We're here to help make the internet a better place - Simon Forster, CEO