Downloading a free application and installing it on an internet-connected device can lead to you being unable to send email. This is because some apps allow third parties to access your device without your knowledge. These third parties then use your network connection for malicious purposes, causing your IP address to be listed as unsafe. Here's how it works:

Infographic to show how users of free applications can unwittingly be giving access to cybercriminals to use their network.


The holiday hack – a reminder of why you shouldn’t always trust emails

28 April 2022


Here’s a cautionary tale to anyone and everyone who uses email. The learning is simple: Always be vigilant, especially if its content asks you to provide personal information or click on links and download files.

What does Spamhaus do?

30 November 2021


I write this article for all of you out there who aren't deeply embedded in this industry because the people I work with are remarkable. The world should know what they are doing to quietly protect all those who say “Spamwho?” be that your grandma or the network nerd at work.

When doorbells go rogue!

19 October 2021


Here's a story of doorbells, specific software development kits (SDKs), proxies, and miscreants using your home network to send spam.