Downloading a free application and installing it on an internet-connected device can lead to you being unable to send email. This is because some apps allow third parties to access your device without your knowledge. These third parties then use your network connection for malicious purposes, causing your IP address to be listed as unsafe. Here's how it works:

Infographic to show how users of free applications can unwittingly be giving access to cybercriminals to use their network.


Spamhaus and Messageware partner to enhance protection for Microsoft Exchange users

28 April 2023


We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Messageware - a market leader in securing, enhancing, and customizing Microsoft Exchange Servers. Read this blog post to learn about the integration and how it's providing proactive protection for customers.

A surge of malvertising across Google Ads is distributing dangerous malware

2 February 2023


Recently, researchers have witnessed a massive spike affecting famous brands, with multiple malware being utilized. This is not “the norm”. Here’s what researchers are observing and a theory on this tsunami of abuse.

Have you “really” got consent for every email on your mailing list?

2 February 2023


With so much talk about the Spamhaus Informational listings and the subsequent talk of cleaning up mailing lists and mailing practices, here are sound words of advice on the subject of consent from Simon McGrath.