Instances of domain hijacking are on the increase, and the fall out for victims can be significant.  Join ISC and Matt Sith, from Spamhaus to discover how big a problem domain hijacking is and learn how to protect against it.

Since the start of this year, at one single registrar, Spamhaus has observed an average of 100 hijacked domains a day, read more here.  Miscreants consider legitimate domains, with a good reputation,  a valuable asset.  There are a number of ways bad actors can obtain your domain, from DNS hijacking to sending bogus emails to gain access to an owner’s registry account.  The fall-out from having a domain hijacked can be significant.

The webinar will be covering the following areas:

  • The reality of the issue
  • Real-life examples
  • Providing advice to help mitigate, detect and remediate against domain hijacking.

Watch the webinar.

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